Our Trainers

Peter Broadbent

Peter has been a trainer and coach for more than 30 years. During this time, he has come to understand the physical and mental makeup of the modern working person and the challenges they face in today’s work a day world. Peter has been instrumental in the development of the Backsafe Manual Handling Training Program and the associated Backsafe Patient Handling Program utilising the skills developed while protecting staff from all areas of industry and commerce.

Peter has trained tens of thousands of staff and has created a unique group of skilled in-house Champions and Trainers to help multiply the effect of Backsafe Training Program to be the biggest and most effective program throughout Australia and the Pacific region.

Peter’s personal goal is to proactively create a healthy, happy and secure society and to contribute to the well-being of all humans who work in industry and commerce.

Phil Shelley

Phil possesses a broad and diverse set of skills, knowledge and experiences in manual handling training and ergonomic assessment. Phil also has over 20 years’ experience in elite level sport and sport education, specialising in holistic athlete development, strength and conditioning, functional movement, and skill acquisition. Phil has coached at national level in two sports, worked individually with some of Australia’s leading athletes across several sports, and taught at many of Victoria’s leading TAFEs and Universities.

Phil’s approach of highlighting, teaching and incorporating the proven principles of physical and mental preparation for safe and efficient functional movement and performance in “sport” to “work” related safety, preparation and movement efficiency, provides a unique, interesting and compelling manual handling training experience.

Participants are empowered and encouraged to think of themselves more like an “athlete in industry” and prepare accordingly both outside of work and at work for the manual tasks they are required to perform. This approach also aims to promote a “team” approach and a cultural shift towards embracing good manual handling habits across the organisation.

Jane Stewart

Jane has been a trainer and educator for almost 20 years.  During this time, she has worked with business people around the world to help them maximise their wide-ranging sustainability performance. From the White House in Washington to the West End in London Jane has delivered many presentations and training sessions to wide ranging audiences. Jane now uses her experience to train and coach managers and staff through the Backsafe program.

Jane has been instrumental in the development of the digital aspect of the Backsafe program working with experts to create the Backsafe APP. This APP has been deployed to a range of clients and adapted to suit their particular workplace training needs. It’s really useful for remote workers who can’t access our onsite training but need support to carry out their job safely.

Jane has also been key to our pivot towards online training. Through lockdown necessity she has worked to create online training with live trainers that still uses our edutainment approach and still engages participants in our key Backsafe Learning concepts. We once thought it too hard to deliver Backsafe online due to the practical elements of our training, but we have found participants not only willing to work in the online space but keen to adapt their own learning practice to access our trainers anytime and anywhere.

Dominic Blond

Dom joins our team in 2022 as a physiotherapist following a career as a clearance diver in the Royal Australian Navy for 9 years. Dom’s experience in high intensity, physically demanding environments and an unlucky run with injuries spurred his interest in the mechanics of the human body and led him to pursue his passion in physiotherapy. Dom enjoys treating patients and helping them manage and prevent injuries and is excited to be joining our team as a trainer to help create customised training for our diverse range of clients. Dom is committed to evidence based practices and has a holistic and balanced approach to pain and injury management.

Dom is working with the team to create our new Patient Handling Program – both for participants and trainers.