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The Backsafe Patient Handling Training is geared toward workers in the healthcare industry.

Staff Training & What we cover

The Backsafe Patient Handling Training is geared toward workers in the healthcare industry.  These training sessions are conducted in groups of up to 16-20 people at a time and take 120-150 minutes to complete. They are delivered with our edutainment approach and underpinned by our key Backsafe learning concepts guaranteeing a high level of engagement.

Our patient handling training system acknowledges the use of patient moving equipment as the primary method of patient handling. However, occasionally when mechanical assistance aids are not available or when time is of the essence, it is vital that assisted patient moving carried out by one or more carers is completed safely for both the patient and the carer.

What we cover

Workplace Review

A brief walk-through review of the workplace to assess the variety of manual handling and patient moving tasks used and the different mechanical aids available throughout the workplace.


An introduction to what patient handling is -covering all of the aspects of the legal definitions.

Get to know your body

How the body works and how the spinal column should not be used as a lever when lifting. How the various joints of the body should be used correctly. Explanation of how a musculoskeletal disorder occurs unknowingly as a cumulative trauma injury.

Damage Control

How nerve damage occurs and its impact on the body and its functions. How pain is not always an indicator of existing damage and If damage exists how not to make it worse.

Warmups & Stretching

Pre-work and after breaks warm-ups and stretches explained and performed by all.

Patient moving techniques

Patient moving techniques for on bed and off bed transfers. Practical drilling of patient moving and patient moving equipment use.

Peer to Peer Champions Training

Backsafe Patient Moving Champions is a 4 hour training program and gives participants an overview of the key Backsafe messages and associated patient moving applications. It is not an attempt to have these staff members become trainers – they are more identification specialists with skills to go directly to compliance or controls when they see poor manual handling and patient moving skills performed by your workforce.

Graduating Patient Moving Champions work with management to build a safe working culture around the physical manual handling and patient moving on site. We raise communication skills of graduates to work with their colleagues to engage them in safe work practices.

What we cover

Anatomy of a musculoskeletal Injury

Warm-up and stretching program

Patient moving techniques based on the 12 Safe Transfer Methods as per Worksafe / Cover

General manual handling lifting as per the 7 Backsafe Don’ts

Backsafe Safety Zone and the 12 Basic Body Movements

How to be an effective Manual Handling Champion

How to create a safe workplaces and safe work practices

Peer to peer coaching through role plays and drills

In-house Train the Trainer ​

Backsafe Train the Trainer is an advanced training program conducted over two consecutive days. It qualifies and licences the participant to deliver the Backsafe Manual Handling Training Program within your organisation. It is designed for experienced in-house trainers who have the goal to eliminate the risk of work habits causing MSDs in your business. We recommend that the attendees have a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment TAE or above.

If the trainer does not have a “formal training qualification” we can conduct an intensive make-up training designed to help these staff understand and improve their capacity to train others. It works a treat!

A Backsafe 1 Manual Handling Training session in full with lots of variations.

Anatomy of a musculo-skeletal injury

Our dramatic delivery of this section of the program not only personally engages the participants but equips them to equally inform and engage their own trainees when they deliver this section of the program.

Warm-up and Stretching

This section demonstrates correct warm-up and stretching techniques and drills participants in how to safely and effectively instruct their future trainees in these activities. This is a key element of the Backsafe manual handling program and contributes to the overall reduction of soft tissue injuries.

Patient Moving Techniques based on the 12 Safe Transfer Methods as per Worksafe / Cover

Includes access to our new series of Patient Moving videos

Lifting Techniques

This section demonstrates a number of generic and tailored work specific lifting techniques and drills participants in how to safely and effectively instruct their own trainees in their proper use.

Risk Assessment

Being able to identify manual handling hazards is crucial in ensuring tasks are carried out safely. We go through the identification, assessment and control of manual handling risks using our tailored manual handling hierarchy of controls and associated risk identification tools.

Toolbox Talks and tailored induction training tools

This section covers eight different 10-15 minute presentations relating to injury prevention. Each participant is drilled in their content and shown how they can be modified to job specific tasks and/or workplaces. Participants are randomly asked to give an impromptu presentation on one or more of these Toolbox Talks. We also share a manual handling induction training tool to assist with new hire protection.


All participants receive a training kit that includes 40 x 52 page Backsafe workbooks, 40 x Backsafe Stretch cards and 10 x Backsafe Posters.

Onsite or Online

Onsite training gives our trainers the opportunity to carry out a brief walk-through review of the workplace to assess the variety and intensity of manual handling and patient moving used on site so as to tailor the training for each client.

Online training gives you the opportunity to involve staff spread around different locations or to join a public session.

Patient Moving Resources

We have developed a range of Backsafe resources to help keep the Backsafe messages ever present within an organisation. This includes workbooks, stretch cards, posters, videos, presentations, banners as well as tailored tools to suit specific client needs.

Patient Moving Testimonials

Training was informative and relative to workplace. Trainer was friendly, patient and knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and would recommend the Train the Trainer to anyone. Well worth the money spent and will be able to deliver the training to others. We had fun doing the sessions.
Deborah O'Biren
Occupational Therapist
Have found the training to be amazing. I have learnt so much and look forward to passing the information on to the community to assist in improving their health and wellbeing and their families. Peter made the training fun and informative.
Helen McPherson
Endorsed Enrolled Nurse / OT Assistance
We engaged Backsafe to assist with further educating our Occupational Therapists around manual handling and back safety. Peter our trainer was fantastic, in a  room with twenty women he kept us interested and the presentation was informative, eye-opening and very humorous at times, which is always a bonus when learning. Facts were clearly explained and expanded on and practical examples shown and undertaken by the team. We would highly recommend Backsafe to anyone looking for comprehensive and professional training in this area.
Nicolle James
Potential Ability Group / Executive Services Administrator